The Sun

Stats & Info

  • Location:

    Folsom Hall (south entrance) at the University of Maine at Presque Isle

  • Diameter:

    598.0″ (1518.9 cm)

  • Facts:

    Our Sun is a typical star, in its middle age. Temperatures in the Sun are hot enough to sustain fusion, which is where hydrogen atoms combine to form helium in a process that also releases energy in the form of light and heat.

  • Construction:

    The model includes a large arc made of wood more than two stories high in a central stairwell as well as a two-dimensional image in the classroom building hallways that shows the curvature of the sun. Constructed by Claude Boucher, Charlie Holmquist, Al Kulp, and the rest of the UMPI Physical Plant staff. Painted by Charlie Holmquist.


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